100′ Heaving Line

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The two main advantages of MARSARS buoyant ball weighted line are speed & accuracy:

  1. A full distance first and second throw, if needed, can be made within 20 seconds
  2. An accurate full distance second throw

Instructions for full distance first and second throw:

Figure 1. You need to develop hand/eye coordination
Figure 2. Cast unopened bag back and forth
Figure 3. Remove and hold ball in weak hand
Figure 4. Holding ball – cast bag
Figure 5. Aim to place thrown line within arm’s reach
Figure 6. If you miss; (if you make it, skip to Figure 14)
Figure 7. With dominate hand make V with middle and index fingers
Figure 8. Place and hold barrel knot between both finger knuckles
Ball is now suspended from dominate hand
Figure 9. Retrieve and place each coil atop opened dominate hand
Figure 10. Make sure no coil is LOWER than ball
Figure 11. With empty bag retrieved
Figure 12. Cast coiled heaving line
Figure 13. Underarm casting method works best
Figure 14. A well-thrown line should land full distance within arm’s reach