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Mustang Men’s IRX Extreme Jacket

Men's IRX Extreme Jacket
Complete with modern styling, a dropped-back design and hip-length hem to completely eliminate drafts, the Ice Rider IRX Extreme Jacket was built for ice or trail riding and all-out fun in the snow. With a hip-length hem and dropped-back design to keep you warm, the jacket also features fleece-lined pockets for cold hands, 3M Scotchlite reflective piping for visibility and a blend of Cordura and ballistic nylon construction for durability. Full cut arms offer great mobility and the pit zips prevent you from overheating. Also features an MP3 player-compatible zippered inside pocket.

Ice Rider™ snowmobile suits are stylish, warm, built for total mobility and designed with rugged and durable materials so your suit will last the most demanding rides. In the event of an ice-breakthrough or cold water immersion, they are designed to keep you afloat and reduce the risks of hypothermia. Trust the Triple Layer System in Mustang Survival's Ice Rider™ products to keep you protected throughout your ride.
Sizes S - XXXL
Colors:  Black/Silver, Red/Blac


Price: $323.00

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Rapid Deployment Craft by Oceanid
rdc-ice-1 The RDC, Rapid Deployment Craft, is the safest, most durable, easiest to use, rescue boat ever made. It works in so many applications, that it is the only non-motorized boat a department may need. The RDC is a radical departure from the practice of drafting recreational craft into rescue service. This boat was designed and built to take the stresses incurred by those who need to work in demanding, water related rescue situations. If you have never seen anything like it, you are not alone. It was one of those, "Why didn't I think of that"!, type of stories. The RDC has extremely rockered (upturned) ends. They allow the rescuer to "drive" the boat's open end over the victim while the victim's head remains above water at all times. It also allows a rescuer to reach forward into a pour-over while still safely centered in the boat. The floor is open at each end, allowing 2 entry points. The freeboard height is only inches, enabling a rescuer to easily pull a victim into the boat. This also allows a diver, with tanks on, to pull themselves into the craft with minimal effort. The two entry portals on either end also act as carrying points which provide a perimeter of safety in case of sudden ice failure or mud sinking. These carrying points are comfortably at your sides. Carrying the RDC is like using a litter with long handles, which, by the way, is one of its many uses. The RDC will store in a 2' cube, inflate in a heartbeat, and can easily be carried by one person. The most common way to carry it is deflated and stored in a rescue boat or vehicle. Think about how often you arrive at a scene and cannot find a place to launch your motorized boat. This is why you should have the RDC along on every call.


Length 15'4"
Width 48"
Tube Diameter 12"
Floor Length 8'
Access Holes 22"x40"
Weight 50 lbs.
No. of Air Chambers 3
Buoyancy >2000+ lbs.
Fabric 35oz. PU/PVC
Warranty, with registration 5 years
RDC Water Rescue Craft Includes Carrying Bag, Floor Top Carpet, 2 Paddles, Paddle Bag, Tow Strap Assembly, Air Fill Manifold and Repair Kit US$4500
Tow Shield - Medium Duty for PWC towing applications US$500
Tow Shield - Heavy Duty for Snowmobile towing applications US$700
Tow Hardware - PWC US$500
Tow Hardware - Snowmobile, ATV, UTV US$500
Motor Mount - 6hp Max with Tank Mount US$700
Replacement / Repair Parts
Paddle - 3 piece take apart US$240
Air Fill Manifold US$150
Tow Strap Assembly US$80
Valve - Fill or PR US$30
Valve Adapter US$10
Valve Wrench US$20
RDC Carrying Bag US$150
Paddle Bag US$70
Floor Top Carpet US$100
SS SCBA Adapter US$100
Air Floor Replacement US$1500
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