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IRRK Kit B Ice Rescue Response Kit W/Mustang Ice Rescue Suit

Ice Rescue Response Kit IRRK Kit B Includes the following equipment:

1 ea. Mustang Ice Commander Suit

1 ea Mustang Suit Repair Kit

1 ea Pair of Ice Awls

1 ea. P31 Whistle

2 ea. P29 Personal Marker Light, Military Grade, Yellow

1 ea. P23a  Cascade Ice Rescue Helmet, Yellow, size XL, w/SOLAS Tape

1 ea. P33e Head Directed Lighting w/Band

1 ea. B5 110 Second Chance Rescue Throw Bag w/Ball

1 pr i14 Ice Awls

1 ea. P20a Buoyant Knife w/Toggle

1 pr P40b SAR Fins

1 pr i6 Ankle Weights

1 pr ISOL Anti Slip Soles

1 ea. M7 Response Bag, Yellow

1 kt TIR20 200' Ice Rescue Tether Kit w/Sling

1 ea. RFD36 40" Inflatable Rescue Tube, Oral

Substitutions of brands of Ice Rescue Suits can be made - call for pricing.


Price: $1,898.00

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