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IRRK Kit C Ice Rescue Response Engine Kit W/Mustang Ice Rescue Suits

IRRK Kit C Ice Rescue Response Engine Kit w/Mustang Ice Rescue Suits contain the following equipment:

2 ea - MARSARS Ice Rescue Response Bag, color: Red and Yellow

2 ea - Mustang Ice Rescue Suits, sized Adult Universal

1 ea - Mustang Ice Rescue Suit Repair Kit

2 ea - Zipper Lubricant

2 pr - Ice Awls

2 ea - Helmet, w/SOLAS Reflective Tape, size XL, color: 1 Red, 1 Yellow

2 ea - Helmet Personal Marker Light (PML) Color: 1 Red, 1 Yellow

2 ea - Helmet Head Directed Lighting

1 ea – Lifejacket Storage Bag, mesh construction

4 ea – Personal Flotation Device, Type III, Size: Adult Universal

6 ea - Whistle, USCG Approved (2 on suits, 4 on PFDs)

2 kt - 200’ Ice Rescue Tether Kit. EACH kit features:

1 ea 200’ of 3/8” diameter buoyant hollow braid, 3,500 Lb strength line

1 ea stainless steel (ss) non-locking Carabiner w/Hook Floats, w/3 ss rope

thimbles.  1 ea ice screw, SMC non-locking Carabiner, and 5’ Endless Sling

1 Red or Yellow PML attached to each bag’s bottom

1 each Cold Water Rescue Sling

2 pr - Anti Slip Soles, size L (for line handlers)

1 pr - SAR Fins w/Keepers

1 pr - Ankle Weights

1 ea - Open Water Inflatable Rescue Tube

1 ea - 110’ Second-Chance Rescue Line Bag w/Ball

1 ea - Instructional Literature + DVD



Price: $3,811.00

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