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N45313.01 NRS Pro Rescue Board

The NRS Pro Rescue River Board is designed for swiftwater rescue professionals who need a dependable platform for providing aid. Includes all the features you need for successful deployment.

  • Drop-stitch material holds 10+ psi of air pressure for superior rigidity.
  • Two sets of heavy-duty 2" webbing handles provide handholds for two people.
  • Two 1.5" stainless-steel D-rings on the nose allow for towing, lining and lowering.
  • Top deck is covered with a textured and grooved foam pad for a grippy, non-slip ride.
  • A top-quality Leafield C7 inflation valve provides trouble-free performance, and a Leafield A6 pressure-relief valve protects the board from over-inflation.
  • Rolls up compactly for easy transport and storage.

Price: $445.00

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